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Car Rekey Service

There are a few reasons why you would need your auto locks re-keyed; some are urgent and some are less so.

Whether you have a spare key or not, if your car keys have been stolen, you might want to consider rekeying your car door locks and ignition cylinder to prevent the thief from coming back at night and taking off with your car. At 123 lock and key, we can rekey your car’s locks without changing any parts, simply by switching the tumblers and creating a new working key. This way none of the old keys will work on the mechanical part of the lock. In other words, no other keys will turn any of the car’s locks while the new keys we provide will work perfectly after our auto rekey locksmith service.

Other then the blade key itself, there is another element that can prevent stolen or lost keys from start the vehicle when in the wrong hands. This is done by erasing existing transponder keys from the vehicle’s computer using professional automotive scanners, like the ones used by our Seattle locksmith technicians.

We can rekey any type of automotive locks, including Standard blade keys, High security keys, and Tibbe keys. Additionally we can program new transponder keys to your car, while erasing old keys from the system.

We are very confident in our locksmith skills and our abilities to help you with your automotive locksmith needs.

Feel free to contact us 24/7 for any question regarding your automotive locksmith needs.